Tank Refilling

Device Usage

Tank Refilling

Refilling the tank

The tank can be filled with it being attached to the battery.

Step 1

To refill, twist off (counter clockwise direction) the top holding the chrome part of the product. Then fill it in the side – not the middle. It is not necessary to remove the tank from the battery; you can fill it while attached to the battery.

Step 2

With the mouthpiece removed, hold the glass tank straight up in one hand and the bottle of lung cleansing solution in the other hand. With the bottle inserted properly, squeeze the bottle so the solution runs down into the side of tank – not middle.

Step 3

Fill the tank up to 1/4 of an inch or so below the edge of the glass. DO NOT OVERFILL. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN or you may damage the glass tank. Handle glass tank with care.

Removing and Re-Attaching the Glass Tank (The top part of the product)


To remove the tank, simply twist the Tank (the bottom part of the product). Then slide the battery.


As soon as you feel resistance, twist the tank. It is important to not over-tighten the tank onto the battery.

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