Our Technology

Innovation of Rethinking the IV Needle

Our Technology

Our Technology

V-Meds will cover all parenteral and non-parenteral routes for administering drugs. The parenteral routes include intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous and intradermal. The non-parenteral routes include oral, sublingual, buccal, nasal and vaginal. Besides Bayer® Baby aspirin® and other drugs for migraine and headache, as well as Pfizer®’s Viagra® when delivered sublingually, will provide biological stability and rapid absorption of the drug. V-Meds uses Modified Ecig hardware to dispense beneficial Solution. It is not a medical device. Our reviews speak for themselves.


Research and Development

When you purchase any of our products, you become part of our research program. All purchases are applied as donations to further fund our research and development.

The V in V-Meds stands for Victory over IV use, since the company is striving for life without needles. V-Meds is comprised of a group of doctors, businessmen and lawyers. Isaac Banoun, CEO, says, “It’s always good to have a patent law firm as a partner.” The company has two divisions: The V-Meds, for making and marketing consumer products and Nano Mist LLC, for licensing technology to pharmaceutical companies. The company is seeking qualified distributors worldwide.

Customer Reviews

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I enjoying using natural products and supplements to keep me healthy. I live near a freeway and using this product will help me keep my lungs clean....

EdwardSee Full Review Clear Lung Cleanse Natural Extract Steam to Help Relieve the Symptoms COPD and All Lung Issues October 29, 2018

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"I had a cough for a while.....it helped with my allergy cough and did make me..."

RikkiSee Full Review Lung Cleansing Therapy October 6, 2016

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"very happy w/ product"

Amazon CustomerSee Full Review Lung Cleansing Therapy October 6, 2016

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Why Choose Us

We sincerely care about your health. That is why we developed a lung cleanser without pharmaceutical drugs.

Our Product was Developed by a Team of Medical Doctors, Lung Specialists and a PhD in Pharmacology.

We use only GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Ingredients and Natural Essential Oils.

We have reviews and testimonials from customers that actually say we saved their life and that is a very humbling experience.