Our Story

Our Story

Isaac was a lifetime smoker, and when he visited his physician; Dr. Doug Tyler, in early December of 2013, his doctor told him that he must stop smoking. Just one day earlier a pharmaceutical salesperson was in Dr. Tyler’s office and he was talking about how some people were kicking the smoking habit by using an e-Cigarette. The salesperson mentioned a reputable vape store in the area and left their business card. Dr. Tyler gave Isaac the business card left by the salesperson, and Ike immediately drove to the Venice beach Vape Shop and bought $700 worth of vaping equipment intended for cigarette cessation. In an attempt to wean himself off cigarettes, and as he vaped, he had that “aha moment.” NICOTINE IS A DRUG said that little voice inside his head, and that invisible light-bulb illuminated his mind.

As an entrepreneur and inventor all his life with several patents to his name, Isaac consulted some medical professionals to see what else could be vaped… aspirin, homeopathic remedies? He called George Macinnis and Adam Bruno of Bay State IP, LLC; his patent counsel, because he immediately saw reasons to take out patents for this inhalation device. He saw this as the future for the best drug delivery system in history. He wanted to know if it was possible to take out a utility patent for the application of a device that was originally meant to be used to vape nicotine, but now to be used to dispense natural holistic healing solutions. More important, he thought this system could replace the 400 year old hypodermic needle as a drug delivery device. He thought, it’s time to enter the 21st century with a new and less invasive method to deliver drugs into our bodies.

Isaac consulted with Dr. Surendra Mehta; a world leader in drug delivery systems and one of the inventors of Lipitor, and Dr. Alexander Lampone; chief of ER at St. John’s, regarding the potential use for drugs that could be delivered without painful needles. Isaac knew that before the world would switch to vaping drugs instead of using IV needles, this required something that could be marketed right away. He immediately began to develop a prototype for a lung cleansing therapy using his nano-mist technology to dispense herbal solutions that would address lung disease. His original doctor; Dr. Doug Tyler, started taking an interest in V-Meds and wanted Isaac to meet Dr. Bernie Weintraub, a lung specialist in Los Angeles and owner of Los Angeles Lung Center. Dr. Weintraub was extremely interested in the possibilities of a non-invasive drug delivery system. Both Dr. Tyler and Dr. Weintraub were instrumental in the formulation of the lung cleanse formula. Now Isaac had a non-drug product to address man’s number one need, Breathing.

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"I use this whenever I feel congested or having ailments within the respiratory..."

Sheldon O. JohnsonSee Full Review Lung Cleansing Therapy October 6, 2016

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"I have been using the V-Meds Vape Pipe for a month now and...I have thought lo..."

ELSIE WALKER ...Amazon CustomerSee Full Review Lung Cleansing Therapy October 6, 2016

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"I found this product during a bout with acute bronchitis. I was amazed at the..."

Amazon CustomerSee Full Review Lung Cleansing Therapy October 6, 2016

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Why Choose Us

We sincerely care about your health. That is why we developed a lung cleanser without pharmaceutical drugs.

Our Product was Developed by a Team of Medical Doctors, Lung Specialists and a PhD in Pharmacology.

We use only GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Ingredients and Natural Essential Oils.

We have reviews and testimonials from customers that actually say we saved their life and that is a very humbling experience.