V-Meds/Nano-Mist LLC is a startup with enormous possibilities for growth within the drug delivery systems marketplace. The company is comprised of two separate divisions: V-Meds will market and sell over-the-counter products of its own development, and Nano-Mist LLC will be licensing to pharmaceutical companies who wish to develop drugs that can be carried and delivered through our Nano-Mist steaming process. Multiple patents are pending for this drug delivery technology; Nano-Mist steam delivery represents a breakthrough which could essentially eliminate the use of needles worldwide. The company is about to roll out its first product, Lung Cleansing Therapy; the first test market direct to the consumer will launch mid-July. Three newspaper ads, coordinated with our V-Meds website, will kick off the sales program. The Lung Cleansing Therapy uses our special vaporizer to create microscopic nano droplets infused with natural soothing and cleansing ingredients that reach all areas of the lungs. This will allow people who have breathing disorders of one type or another to breathe freely without the use of very costly drugs, including those employing steroids.

Over the next six months, V-Meds/Nano-Mist will be introducing additional products into the marketplace that will deal with basic human needs, such as stress, anxiety, erectile disfunction and depression. We have built an outstanding team, composed of doctors, experts in drug delivery systems, and supporting legal and business professionals who will help build V-Meds into a company that can realize its international potential.

To date, V-Meds/Nano-Mist has self-funded our extensive R & D, construction of our laboratory, packaging, and creation of our website. The company is analyzing its financial needs going forward and is in talks with a number of parties interested in participating in the future growth of the business.

If you are interested in learning more about the worldwide potential of both V-Meds and Nano-Mist LLC, please contact:
Isaac Banoun: [email protected]

The V in V-Meds stands for Victory over IV use, since the company is striving for life without needles. V-Meds is comprised of a group of doctors, businessmen and lawyers. Isaac Banoun, CEO, says, “It’s always good to have a patent law firm as a partner.” The company has two divisions: The V-Meds, for making and marketing consumer products and Nano Mist LLC, for licensing technology to pharmaceutical companies. The company is seeking qualified distributors worldwide.

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"This is a wonderful product. I have had severe asthma since I was 6 months old"

glibglennSee Full Review Lung Cleansing Therapy October 6, 2016

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"GREAT PRODUCT. I dropped mine & my tank broke. They offered to send another on..."

Kari K LeeSee Full Review Lung Cleansing Therapy October 6, 2016

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"This has helped my bronchitis from day one when I took a dose in the evening,..."

Nikolaos KiriakidisSee Full Review Lung Cleansing Therapy October 6, 2016

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Why Choose Us

We sincerely care about your health. That is why we developed a lung cleanser without pharmaceutical drugs.

Our Product was Developed by a Team of Medical Doctors, Lung Specialists and a PhD in Pharmacology.

We use only GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Ingredients and Natural Essential Oils.

We have reviews and testimonials from customers that actually say we saved their life and that is a very humbling experience.