Initial Setup & Use

Device Usage

Initial Setup & Use

Initial Setup & Use

Step 1

Turn on your device by pressing the button 3 times, light will turn on. Breathe in at the same time you are pressing the button.

Step 2

Remove the silicone nostril adapter located at the tip of your product. You may put it back if you want to put in in your nostril.

Step 3

Begin your therapy with the Mild Solution already pre-filled halfway and short inhalations until your taste adapts to the solution, you can then proceed to longer inhalations.

Step 4

When comfortable with the solution you can then move to the Medium or Strong Solutions. (Strong Solution is very powerful)

Step 5

With your lips placed around the mouth piece. Press and hold the button, start inhalations.

It is IMPORTANT not to press the power button when not in use.
When taking longer inhalations, you will see the Nano Mist exhaling out of your nose or mouth. The menthol will open your nasal passageways immediately. Many people have reported they cough out much phlegm, Keep tissue nearby. Be sure to hydrate.

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