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How to correctly inhale your Nano-Mist solution

We suggest beginning your therapy with the Mild solution and do short inhalations. Once you get used to the magic sensation of our solution, you may continue with long inhalations. You can then start the Medium or Strong (The Strong solution is extremely strong).

Step 1

Press your finger on the button. Inhale when light is blue. Keep the button pressed while inhaling.

Step 2

Taking large inhalations as you go along will allow you to see nano-mist being breathed out of your nose or mouth.

Step 3

Press and hold the button, then breathe straight up just 1 second. Then breathe in for 2 seconds, then 3 seconds, and so on till you become used to the menthol.

Step 4

You will hear a crackle and hissing sound. This is the device heating the solution converting it into a gaseous state.

Step 5

Inhale as desired. More inhalations will loosen more phlegm that you will cough out.

Step 6

If you hold it in for a few seconds, less mist will come out.

If you hold it in for a few seconds less mist will come out. The stronger inhalations you take over time will result in larger mist coming out. You will start coughing out nasty stuff. Keep Kleenex around you, be ready to spit out mucus. It expels a lit of mucus so be ready to get rid of it. The expelled mucus will initially be dark and will clear over time before it stops. It is recommended that you use half Pyrex tank to the whole tank. You need to decide. You should be able to breathe better than ever without the use of drugs. Drink plenty of liquids to replace the liquids lost during treatment.

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