Conventional Powder Inhalers VS. Nano Mist

Innovation of Rethinking the IV Needle

Conventional Powder Inhalers VS. Nano Mist

Conventional Powder Inhalers VS. Nano Mist

The difference between the two is in the particle/droplet size; whereas powder particles are in the micrometer range the Nano Mist droplets are in the nano-meter range. A rank order of a thousand times smaller.

There are approximately 60-80 delivery systems available for about 30 drugs and most of them have polydispersed particles in the 1-10 micron range. In the very sophisticated particle reduced system, they are still be polydispersed, in the 1-5 micron range. There is no aerosol particle inhaler that has monodispersed particles.

If you investigate the deposition of these particles in the lungs those in the 10 micron range are deposited in the oropharyngeal region, the 5-10 micron size particles are deposited in the large airway region. Those below 3 micron size, approximately 80 percent go to the lower airway region with about 50-60 percent of these make their way to the alveoli.

Hence, it depends in which region you want the drug to have its effect. For systemic effector effect at the alveoli level of the lung you would require a large per cent of the particles to reach the alveoli. This is not possible with current inhaler aerosols. In this regard they are very inefficient. On the other hand, nano mist droplets have a higher probability of reaching the alveoli for systemic effects.


We have testimonials from several individuals who have tried our Nano Mist system and have obtained dramatic results unseen before with steroid inhalers. In fact they have been weaned off their inhalers and have shown improved lung function without the use of steroids.

A faster onset of action occurs from the Nano Mist since the ingredients are dissolved and are in solution that are delivered via nano droplets compared to powder inhalers with micron-sized particles. These drug particles have to dissolve in the respiratory tract fluids before the drug can be absorbed and the compound(s) can elicit therapeutic effects on the tissues.

Surendra Mehta, PhD
Consultant, Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

The V in V-Meds stands for Victory over IV use, since the company is striving for life without needles. V-Meds is comprised of a group of doctors, businessmen and lawyers. Isaac Banoun, CEO, says, “It’s always good to have a patent law firm as a partner.” The company has two divisions: The V-Meds, for making and marketing consumer products and Nano Mist LLC, for licensing technology to pharmaceutical companies. The company is seeking qualified distributors worldwide.

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