Imagine a homeopathic natural Solution alternative.

Imagine no longer!

We invite you to try our Lung Cleansing Therapy and Treatment.

Based on customer feedback, the natural ingredients in our Lung Cleanser
has been reported to replace their corticoid inhalers in many many cases.

Lung Doctor

Now let's take it a step further... Imagine a world without needles. A world where drugs and treatments can enter the blood stream through the lungs without painful barbaric needles.

Our Nano Mist technology delivers our special formulated Solution deep into the lungs where it reaches the small air sacs allowing the natural healing and cleansing process to begin. The lungs provide a pathway for the very small nano particles to enter the blood stream.

V-MEDS has patent applications for the use (Utility) of electronic cigarettes to be used to deliver beneficial treatments.

Our formulas are not normal Solution. They are specially formulated  solutions for lung health and anxiety relief.

 All posted reviews are participants of the Nonprofit Nano Mist Research Project. Our Customers are not public but part of our research sharing group. We have provided free kits to the less fortunate and donated to numerous nonprofit charitable organizations.

We invite you to read some of the touching reviews from our grateful users. Many have experienced miraculous results that changed their lives. Most of our customers have suffered for years and tried nearly every product on the market without any noticeable relief until they tried our Lung Cleansing Treatment.

We believe that we have the most effective Lung Cleanser ever produced. But don't take our word for it, see what our many satisfied customers are saying. Read the reviews on our site or Amazon, they speak for themselves

V-Meds Nano-Mist Get to the Root of the Problem

Nasal Adapters are designed to clear sinuses fast.

With a nasal adapter, it is easier to administer nano mist into your nostrils.

When finished with nasal treatment, you may remove the silicone nasal adapter to inhale orally.

We will give a free Nasal Adapter to old and new customers for non profit research.

Nasal Adapters will be available February 2016.

What is Nano Mist?

This will replace the hypodermic Needle

Nano Mist is a concentration of droplets that are measured in nanometers. Droplet size can vary from 50 nanometers to 400 nanometers.

These droplets are formed by the battery powered Nano Mist cooling steamer. They are perfect for reaching the deep alveoli region of the lungs and providing soothing relief.

To give you a perspective of how small that is: an atom is 1/10 to 5/10 of a nanometer. That is how we penetrate so deep into the lungs. It is the size of the droplets that can carry even smaller particles of ingredients and drugs all the way to the alveoli. Read more...

Schematic Diagram of the Lungs

Diagram of Alveoi